Covenant Photography is...

📸 A Husband & Wife Photography Duo

🍁 NH Based & New England Focused

💍 Passionate about Families & Marriage




1. A sacred promise

2. A solemn oath

“Behold, I establish my covenant with you and your offspring after you..."

- Genesis 9:9

Tim and Ruth Del Signore Covenant Photography - NH Portrait and Maternity Photographer

Covenant Photography is a Christ-honoring, customer-focused, husband and wife photography duo that

exists to glorify God by capturing and displaying the beauty of the world He's created.

We love families, marriage, children, and the special milestones and moments of life!

As your photographers, our promise to you – our covenant – is to work earnestly at capturing the spirit of who you really are and the richness

of the moments we're privileged to witness. One of our favorite things to do as a family is reminisce together and savor special memories from our past.

We want to make this possible for you as well!

Tim & Ruth

Our Story

May 2016

Tim moves to Nashua, NH after graduating college and becomes a believer

January 2017

Tim finds a new church and "friends" Ruth on FB... Ruth finds this weird (since they haven't actually met yet) but accepts the request anyways

March 2017

One fateful Sunday morning,

Ruth and Tim officially meet

(Tim likes Ruth, but Ruth is wary of Tim...)

April 2017

Tim and Ruth start working together as Youth Group leaders in their church's teen ministry

August 2017

Tim asks Ruth out on a date over text; Ruth says, "umm, can we talk about it on Sunday?"

(turns out, that means "no"...)

November 2017

Friendship continues to grows but Ruth

occasionally finds Tim annoying

September 2018

Ruth hesitantly joins Tim's mid-week community group after much consideration and vacillation (Tim is excited and hopeful)

February 2019

Tim and Ruth get lunch as FRIENDS ONLY! (in actuality, Ruth is starting to soften for Tim...)

April 2019

Ruth invites Tim out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse (they talk for hours over delicious steak... Tim leaves Ruth swooning)

May 2019

Tim and Ruth have their 2nd date and

have a "define the relationship" talk

June 2019

Tim and Ruth are honestly pretty

smitten with each other

August 2019

Tim proposes to Ruth - she says "YES!" - followed by a surprise party with friends from church

December 2019

Ruth and Tim GET MARRIED!!!


Ruth and Tim move in with family during COVID (what a crazy year!)

April 2020

Ruth and Tim buy a home

and move to Brookline, NH

May 2021

Ruth is pregnant with baby #1



James Paton Del Signore is born and

changes their lives forever!


– Meet your photographers –

Tim Del Signore

Fun Facts About Tim

“– Born and raised in Franklin, MA
– Mechanical Engineer by training, photographer at heart
– In love with my beautiful, talented, tender wife
– An introvert with extrovert tendencies who enjoys the company of a few good friends”

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Fun Facts About Ruth

“– Lover of all things "accounting" 🧾
– Eager to drive big vehicles... especially U-Hauls (there's an embarrassing Tim story behind that...) 🚚
– Homeschooled up until college 🏫
– One of 6 children (#4 out of 6, in case you were wondering)
– Lover of big families and aspiring mom of 14 (or more...) 🐣”

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Our style

In all our work, whether we're shooting a momentous occasion (like a wedding) or an everyday moment (like a father and son on an evening walk together), we strive to capture and draw out the "spirit of the moment." Our goal is to show the "bigger picture" that surrounds the moment, while also capturing and accentuating the small and nuanced details - a playful grin, an endearing gaze, a tender embrace - these are the things that really capture the heart of what's going on and they're the moments we want to memorialize.


What is photography? Is it just the process of taking pictures or is it something more?

What about the photos themselves? Are they just images, or is there "more than meets the eye?"

All of us are aware that life is short - perhaps 80 or 90 years, at best. Many of us are also aware that this life goes by quickly. Childhood merriment gives way to awkward adolescence. Adolescence subsides and blossoms into adulthood. Adulthood matures into the weathered "patina" of old age. Throughout the years many of us will get married, have children, relocate, experience various milestones, joys, and losses and yet, throughout it all, we hardly take a moment to pause and reflect... "Where have we come from?"... "Where are we now?"... "Where are we going?" These important questions often get swept aside by the frenetic pace of life. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way!

Reminders are valuable.

Scripture is full of encouragements to "remember" for this simple reason: we are creatures who are prone to forget! Thoughtfully reflecting on the events of the past week can be challenging, let alone the events of the past decade! So, how do we cultivate a practice of reflection and remembrance? One powerful way is through photos, which is where we come in... Learn more here.

📌 Where we're located 🍁

NH Based - New England focused

brookline, nh

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Interested in working with us?

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Interested in working with us?

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Interested in working with us?

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Interested in working with us?

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Interested in working with us?

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" But the fruit of the Spirit is love... "

Galatians 5:22