Clothing tips for family portraits

Family portraits can be a really fun and rewarding experience, especially when you get to see the final gallery of images at the end - a snapshot in time that captures your family during this particular season of life! However, figuring out the details for your session, like "What should we wear?" can sometimes be challenging or even stressful! (We know, because we've been on the other side of the camera lens as well...)

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way! Figuring out what to wear can actually be quite simple, with a few helpful tips! Just scroll down below to learn more about how to maximize your style and "dress for success" during your next family portrait session!

10 simple clothing tips


Coordinate Colors, Don't Match

Choose a color palette with complementary tones rather than having every member of the family wear the exact same color. This helps adds depth and visual interest to the final images! As an example, if you chose earthy tones like blues, greens, and browns, ensure everyone's outfits include variations of the colors you've chosen.


Avoid Distracting Patterns &

Extremely Bright Colors

Although eye-catching, vibrant colors can ultimately distract from the main focus of your portraits – your family! Instead, opt for more "muted" or pastel shades to create a harmonious look, whenever possible! Also, although some patterns can add a nice "flair" to your images, oftentimes solid colors can generally be safer and will avoid the possibility of clashing patterns (e.g. different plaid patterns, mixing stripes and polka dots, etc.)


Consider the Location

Think about where the photoshoot will take place. If it's in a natural setting like a park, earthy tones will work well! For an urban backdrop, you might opt for more modern and stylish attire.


Layer and Texture

Adding layers and textures to outfits can make your photos more visually appealing. Consider cardigans, scarves, or other accessories that may help add depth and style.


Timeless Over Trendy

When possible, try to avoid clothing with logos, slogans, or trendy patterns that might date the photos. Timeless and classic attire tends to age better.


Fit Matters

This one is simple but is actually quite important! Ensure that everyone's clothes fit well and are comfortable. Ill-fitting clothes can be distracting and may negatively affect the overall look of the photos.


Pay Attention to Shoes

Footwear is often overlooked but can greatly impact the overall outcome of your portraits. Choose shoes that complement your outfits and the setting. (In general, avoid sneakers or flip-flops unless they fit the theme.)


Dress for the Season

Consider the time of year when choosing outfits. Light, breathable fabrics for summer and warm, cozy options for fall and winter. Dressing in layers also works well in transitional seasons like spring and fall.


Personalize with Accessories

Accessories like hats, jewelry, or even tasteful props that reflect your family's personality can add a unique touch to your photos.


Be Yourself

You know the expression, "last but not least?" Well, this tip certainly falls into that category! While coordinating outfits is important, it's equally important for everyone to feel comfortable and authentic in whatever they're wearing! The more relaxed and natural your family feels, the better the photos will turn out.

Remember, although these tips may helpfully guide your choices when considering what to wear, your personal style and comfort are paramount. The most important "tip" of all is to BE YOURSELF and to have fun during the photoshoot! Clothing doesn't compare to the power that genuine smiles and joyful expressions will have on the final result of your family portraits!

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