Autumn days and afternoon senior sessions

At 6 feet, 3 inches, there's no doubt that Ayden is a tall young man! (He certainly towered over both of us upon meeting him!) And yet, the manner in which he carried himself and the graceful ease with which he posed in virtually every location we brought him (despite not having any former practice) was truly impressive, to say the least! Ayden's cool and steady demeanor and his restrained sense of confidence were apparent from the start of the session and those qualities really shined throughout the afternoon.

Although reluctant to smile on cue, his natural smile often leaked through during our time with him (occasionally in response to something goofy we were doing), which was such a delight to see and to capture! The art of photography is something that Ayden himself is familiar with, as someone who's taken a few photography classes during his High School career. And, although uncertain about what he may choose to study at college, it was clear that photography is something he's seriously considering and may just end up pursuing in the future... (and we hope he will!)

We had a great afternoon with Ayden this week and we look forward to the possibility of learning where his future college career and studies may take him in the years to come!

Now that autumn has arrived, if you or a senior you know is looking to squeeze in a session this year,

don't hesitate to contact us today to book your session before time runs out!