October SEnior Portraits are off to a Strong start!

We've known Johnathan for quite a while and have greatly enjoyed getting to watch him grow and mature throughout the years, as he's transitioned from boyhood into a truly thoughtful, confident, intelligent young man! As such, it was a great pleasure to get to photograph him this season and celebrate his progression into adulthood and upcoming milestone of graduation!

Some of our favorite things about Johnathan are that he's a straight shooter and has a great sense of humor, both of which came through clearly in his portraits (although his "stoic face of reason" was certainly the stronger side throughout the session!). Although he's lived in New England all his life, deep down he's a "country boy" at heart and has a strong and patriotic appreciation for rural living and country music, which made Beaver Brook Association and Woodmont Orchard in Hollis, NH perfect locations to complement his style!

We greatly enjoyed our time with Johnathan and look forward to prayerfully watching him grow and flourish over the coming years and to see all that the Lord has planned for him!

Now that autumn has arrived, if you or a senior you know is looking to squeeze in a session this season,

don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule your session before time runs out!