The Warmth of Summer Love!

We had the privilege of meeting this bride-to-be several months ago in the midst of winter, when the days were still mostly cold and grey and an icy layer of brown snow clung the ground...

Despite the cold temperatures outside, the warmth and excitement that Katie and her mother, Beth, exuded during our consultation together was a welcome glow that foreshadowed the warmth of spring and of Katie's love for her fiancé, Ben. Our time together at a local coffee shop flew by as we got to know each other over lattes and discussed Katie and Ben's engagement story, and their plans for their future wedding day. We pretty much always leave wedding consultations joyful and uplifted from getting to meet our clients in-person and learn about their stories. However, our sincere excitement after this particular meeting in January was especially memorable!

Despite not having the opportunity to meet Ben during that first get-together (due to a schedule conflict), we knew he must be a pretty wonderful person after interacting with Katie and getting to "know him" through her affectionate words. Well, suffice it to say, when we finally did get the chance to meet this adoring and humorous fiancé, his down-to-earth demeanor and playful love did not disappoint! Although they both expressed a mild nervousness about being in front of the camera, the tenderness of their banter and the lightheartedness of their interactions with one another made photographing them as easy as could be for us! May all engagement sessions be as fun and endearing as Katie and Ben's!


We loved every moment of this summery engagement session - it was such a treat to capture Katie and Ben's love for one another and we are so looking forward to getting to photograph their wedding later this year! ❤️😊❤️

Now that summer is here, if your looking for photographers who are sincerely interested in documenting the beauty of your engagement or wedding, we'd love to hear from you and learn more about the opportunity to work together!