Let the Countdown to Autumn Begin!

What better way is there to start Labor Day weekend than by getting to photograph a couple as LOVELY as Katie & Zach?! We struggle to think of any other!

The last several days have contained the first few hints that autumn is just around the corner including cooler weather, early indications of leaves changing color, and pumpkin spice everything, pretty much anywhere you go! As a result, you could hardly hope for better weather than what we had yesterday morning - bright shining sun, clear blue sky, and comfortable temperatures galore. However, as nice as the weather was, it was nothing compared to the excellence of the couple we were meeting with!

Katie and Zach are the kind of folks you can easily connect with, despite not having known each other for more than 10 minutes (excluding emails and text messages, of course)! Their warm demeanor and conversational friendliness made our whole time together engaging and fun! Needless to say, we pretty much always enjoy the time we get to spend with all our couples but, truth be told, anyone with a good sense of humor is especially endearing to us... At one point during their session, after having been told for the 120th time how cute they were together (which was 100% true), Zach interjected with a convincingly stern correction that he strongly prefers the term "adorable" to cute... Well, you can be sure that had us laughing and emphasizing how "adorable" the two of them were for the rest of our time together! 😉😂

Sometimes being in front of a camera can be a new and uncomfortable experience - understandably so! But, not so with Katie & Zach! They did an amazing job just being themselves and having fun with each other the whole time, which was a joy to get to witness (and photograph)! We are SO looking forward to photographing their big day in October of next year and only regret that autumn 2024 is so far away! So let the autumn (2024) countdown begin!


We adored every moment of this garden themed engagement session - it was such a treat to capture Katie and Zach's love for one another and we can't wait to spend more time together with them in the future!

Now that autumn has almost arrived , if you're looking for photographers who are sincerely interested in documenting the beauty of your engagement or wedding, we'd love to hear from you to discuss the opportunity to work together!